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Our Massages

Rejuvenate your skin and soothe your body with our diverse menu of massages. Our massage therapists offer specialized techniques with varied degrees of firmness suited to your comfort level. 


Swedish — A classic smoothing massage to restore balance to the nervous system, reduce stress, muscle fatigue and improve circulation.

  • 90 Minutes – $155
  • 60 Minutes – $125

Deep Muscle — A massage with strong, penetrating strokes to relieve soreness in specific areas of the body. Designed to improve circulation and release deeply rooted tension.

  • 90 Minutes – $165
  • 60 Minutes – $135

Woman Getting a Massage

Reflexology (30 Minutes for $80) — Stimulates the body's natural capacity to heal itself through pressure points on specific areas of the feet which correspond to the internal organs.

Heated Stone (90 Minutes for $195) — Aids in circulation and tired muscles. Enjoy the warmth and smooth stones as they are applied to pressure points for deeper relaxation.

Pregnancy (60 Minutes for $140) — A comfortable and soothing massage that will aid in your total well being and ease the stress and strain on your body.